Procter & Gamble boosts production to meet toilet paper demand

P&G toilet paper production runs full tilt

ALBANY, Ga. (WALB) - Early on during the COVID-19 pandemic, toilet paper was scarce on store shelves.

Back in April, Procter & Gamble ramped up their toilet production to meet that demand.

If you have been to the store lately, you have likely noticed the toilet paper shelves are not fully stocked. Some brands are completely sold out and some customers are now even being asked to limit their purchase.

Customers can expect to see more tissue on shelves.
Customers can expect to see more tissue on shelves. (Source: WALB)

“We have always known Charmin was a great product but we never imagine that we have had this much level of demand be this popular," said John Patteson, department leader at P&G.

Patteson said they are able to produce a record level of tissue month after month. He says production is up at least 20 percent.

“We are absolutely in the process of hiring more people. We just had a new hiring class start this week and we had another class start a week back and we anticipate to continue to hire in the near future," said Patteson.

Patteson said they are having to hire more workers to keep up with the growing demand.

Workers are working 24/7 to keep shelves stocked.
Workers are working 24/7 to keep shelves stocked. (Source: WALB)

He said they are working around the clock to ensure shelves are stocked up on essential items.

“We continue to ship, so throughout this entire process is, we have been able to continue to ship every day so 24/7 we have trucks leaving the site with Charmin,” said Patteson.

Not only is the company meeting the needs inside local retailers, but Patteson also said they have partnered with the community to help give back.

“We have also partnered with Phoebe to help them with Phoebe Foundation with a $200,000 donation. Locally, we have also worked with the Boys & Girls Club, Open Arms, and provided hand sanitizer to several areas as well," said Patteson.

Patteson said the safety of his staff is a top priority as well.

He said they are practicing a safe social distance while in production.

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