Construction on phase one of Bainbridge Park to finish soon

Construction on Phase 1 of Bainbridge park to finish soon

BAINBRIDGE, Ga. (WALB) - Construction continues on a popular park in Bainbridge.

Assistant City Manager Roy Oliver said this is all part of what they’re calling, the ‘Riverfront Plan,' meant to connect multiple parts of the city, while showing off the Flint River, which he says is their biggest asset.

Phase one is just days away from completion.

“That consists of the ADA ramp that goes from the top of the bluff on Donaldson Street down to the riverbank. The trail connection. Ramps and landing pads for wheelchair access,” Oliver told us.

Oliver said the coronavirus pandemic hasn’t slowed down any construction, and everything is going as planned.

“Its purpose is to connect the upper level of Chason Park which will be phase three with the lower part of our Riverwalk Trail,” said Oliver.

The Riverwalk Trail will connect Chason Park with Chaney Griffin, Carson Hatcher, and the boat basin.

With phase one almost complete, the city recently met with engineers to approve phase two documents, which will consist of a splash pad, playground, and grand staircase.

“Because it involves a good bit more real estate than phase one, phase two is going to take through the first of the year,” said Oliver.

Even during the construction, Oliver said many people still use the national fitness courts and stairs for working out, which he believes will complement the Riverwalk Trail.

“It’s going to bring a lot more people down. We got very exciting news that we’re doing this, and people are generally ready for it to get done,” said Oliver.

Phase two will start at the beginning of June.

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