Lee Co. COVID-19 survivor describes tough recovery ahead

Lee Co. COVID-19 survivor describes tough recovery ahead

LEESBURG, Ga. (WALB) - A Leesburg woman said her fight with COVID-19 is not over yet, even two weeks after she got home from the hospital.

Tuesday marked two weeks since Bernice Brown made her triumphant return home, but many of the effects of COVID-19 that put her in the hospital are still around.

With a wave, a grin under her mask and a lot of emotion, Brown, 68, started a new chapter in her COVID-19 battle: the chapter of recovery.

A Hero Walk Just In Time For Mother's Day!

What a great gift just in time for Mother's Day! Surrounded by her loved ones, Bernice is now continuing her recovery from COVID-19 at home after being hospitalized for 37 days!

Posted by The Medical Center, Navicent Health on Sunday, May 10, 2020

“I thank God for it because I didn’t think I was going to get this far,” she said.

The Leesburg woman spent almost 40 days in the hospital at Navicent Health in Macon, including more than a week on a ventilator.

She doesn't recall much of that time, but the memory of the "Hero Walk" the hospital staff planned for her overpowers the rest from that time.

“Oh man, that was just too awesome. I felt like I was in a doggone parade,” Brown said.

At the end of the video, you see her daughter, Jacques Williams hug her.

“I just had to grab her,” Williams said. “It was awesome.”

It was the first time she had seen her mom since they "dropped her off" at the hospital 37 days before.

“It was like just a weight lifted off my shoulders to even just be able to see her because it was a long journey and it was scary,” Williams said.

Two weeks after she got home, Brown's health has yet to bounce back.

“I feel like I’m moving better than I was,” Brown said. “I’m making a few steps with the walker, maybe three or four with the walker.”

Brown is still going through physical therapy for simple things like standing up and walking, and she's on oxygen 24/7.

Jacques Williams, left, and Bernice Brown, her mother, right.
Jacques Williams, left, and Bernice Brown, her mother, right. (Source: Jacques Williams)

“You ain’t gonna come home and go back to your regular duties,” Brown said of the effects of COVID-19 on the body.

But, she's continuing to work hard to gain her strength back and remind herself that the little victories matter.

"Every day when I do something that I didn't do the day before, I be so happy," Brown said.

Said Williams: “I still thank God for allowing my mom another chance, and she made it through. That was truly a blessing.”

Williams said she hopes her mom’s story will remind people to continue to take this virus seriously.

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