Valdosta club owner preparing for future reopening

Valdosta club owner preparing for future reopening

VALDOSTA, Ga. (WALB) - Bliss Nightclub and lounge is one of the few places in Lowndes County operating under a bar license.

The owner said he was ready but felt hesitant at first to get business back up and running last week.

Inside Bliss Nightclub and Lounge.
Inside Bliss Nightclub and Lounge. (Source: WALB)

“Monday before the announcement was made on Tuesday, I was hesitant on releasing fliers and doing promos for the weekend but once the fliers were out and I told the team that we were going to open this weekend, come Tuesday, we learned and found out that the order was extended.” said Rohail Saqi, owner of Bliss Nightclub and Lounge. "I was hesitant before posting everything because I was unsure if we were gonna open or not. "

Saqi has been the owner of the club for the past four years. Since he closed about three months ago, rent and utilities have been backed up. His employees have also been eager to get back to work. He has a staff of about 10 -15 people.

"Just take it day by day. We really have to reassess the situation and see what works and what doesn’t work. It’s a whole new bowl field now, there might be guidelines down the road. Limitations, occupancy limitations. So we have to take it day by day and just hope for the best, " said Saqi.

In the meantime with business paused, Saqi has been making improvements, including cleaning up, renovating, painting and preparing for a fresh image.

As far as safety protocols go when they reopen, customers will be able to find some hand sanitizer at the front door, employees will be wearing masks and following safety guidelines.

Tables will be separated so customers can be spread out and groups can be parted. There will also be limited occupancy.

Hookah at Bliss Nightclub and Lounge.
Hookah at Bliss Nightclub and Lounge. (Source: WALB)

“I’m just eager to open up, it’s been about three months. Our team is eager. everyone just wants to open up and wants to start partying again," said Saqui.

The executive order is set to expire May 31, and when it does, Bliss Nightclub will be ready.

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