APD arrests 5, seizing stolen firearms and drugs

APD arrest 5 people at a home in Albany after seizing stolen firearms and drugs

ALBANY, Ga. (WALB) - A tip lead APD to a home in East Albany, where officers discovered pounds of marijuana, and stolen guns.

Police said the arrest sends a message from law enforcement to criminals during the pandemic

Crime hasn’t stopped during the pandemic, and neither has crime-stoppers. APD made five arrests during a recent drug bust in Albany.

Police raided a home on East Residence Ave.
Police raided a home on East Residence Ave. (Source: WALB)

“We were able to locate one of the firearms and the several hundred rounds of ammunition and some other items stolen while prepping that we received information on where one of the other possibly was," said Lieutenant Jon Segroves.

APD said they found a large amount of illegal drugs on Friday in a home in the 1000 block of East Residence Ave.

APD said they went to the home during a previous investigation on May 12th about guns and ammunition being taken during a car break-in.

“This was a personal civilian firearm, they were in his personal vehicle and there is no limit to what he could have had in his vehicle," said Lieutenant Jon Segroves.

Lt. Seagroves said five people were arrested and charged with trafficking drugs and felony theft by receiving.

Five were arrested
Five were arrested (Source: Dougherty Co. Sheriff)

Among those arrested were:

  • Tony Scales, 51
  • Marcus Dewayne Solomon, 33
  • Brendrix Wayne Starling, 17
  • Nicole Whitaker, 39
  • Fredrick McGowan, 24

Police also recovered a stolen firearm from a 2017 incident and seized thousands of dollars in cash.

“Citizens’ can help one by not leaving their firearms in their vehicles, leaving their vehicles unattended with firearms in them, secure your firearms in the trunk or something,” said Lieutenant Jon Segroves.

Police are asking people to be on alert when buying guns off the streets.

“If you see people selling a gun at a very cheap price, that would be a good idea that the firearm is probably stolen, and it would be good to report that information to the police department," said Lieutenant Jon Segroves.

Lt. Seagroves is asking the public for help in getting the guns off the streets of Albany. APD said you can be charged with theft by receiving if you purchase a gun and do not report it to police.

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