Ashburn native made it to top 17 in ‘The Voice’ competition

Musician Mike Jerel Competed in “The Voice” Competition, and made it to the Top 17.

ASHBURM, Ga. (WALB) - An Ashburn native gave show-stopping performances on NBC’s “The Voice.”

Musician Mike Jerel made it in the top 17 out of thousands that competed. The 31-year-old wowed the judges with his powerful performances on stage during the popular national TV show.

Unfortunately, he was eliminated from the competition but his journey isn’t over yet.

“To be on ‘The Voice’ was a once in a lifetime experience. Not many people get the opportunity to make it this far and to even be in the top 17 out of 40 to 50,000 people that audition for the show, it is amazing," said Jerel.

Jerel’s mother, Pamela Pickens, said she is just as proud of him for all that he has accomplished.

Mike Jerel and his mother, Pamela Pickens.
Mike Jerel and his mother, Pamela Pickens. (Source: WALB)

“I believe he gave his all, so as far as getting into ‘The Voice,’ that was something different, it was a good experience and I am very proud of him," said Pickens.

Jerel said he is excited for the long road ahead of him.

“I have accepted the band director position at my alma mater in Turner County and so I am excited to be going back home, leading these kids youth through this music program,” said Jerel.

Jerel said he looks forward to continue pursing his career in music and wants kids to continue to follow their dreams no matter what obstacles they face.

“Don’t give up. Of course, obstacles will present themselves to you but, from each of those obstacles and lessons, we learn from them,” said Jerel.

Jerel was a part of the Grammy-nominated Singer John Legend’s team and he said he is grateful for the experience he gained.

“I am still excited to be considered to be a part of Team Legend. Once you’re a part of ‘The Voice’ family and once you have gone to the school of ‘The Voice,’ you’re always considered an alum,” explained Jerel.

Mike Jerel was on John Legend's team
Mike Jerel was on John Legend's team (Source: NBC: The Voice)

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