Baconton church makes special deliveries for Mother’s Day

St. Baptist Church in Baconton Makes Special Deliveries For Mother’s Day

ALBANY, Ga. (WALB) - Mother’s Day was slightly different for everyone looking to celebrate their mom due to the Coronavirus, Sunday.

Pastor Lawrence Knighton and many of his St. James Baptist congregation spent Sunday afternoon making special deliveries to the front doors of mothers.

“It is just a kind gesture to show we appreciate them because again we haven’t seen them since the first week of March and just to show them that we are still concerned,” said Pastor Lawrence Knighton.

Women receiving their gifts.
Women receiving their gifts. (Source: WALB)

Pastor Knighton at St. James Baptist Church in Baconton passed out gifts and flowers to mothers at their house while staying socially-distant. He said some were so surprised they shed tears.

“It really made their day and I think that is the bigger part of what we like to do is try to make a difference in the lives of people, and to see them literally crying just to see that we at least thought about them,” said Knighton.

Church became a space to celebrate motherhood as many other traditions like social gatherings changed in the face of COVID-19.

Lawrence Knighton, Pastor
Lawrence Knighton, Pastor (Source: WALB)

“Every year we have all of the guys to cook and serve all of the mothers, the women, not just the mothers. We were not able to do any of that, so we had to find a way to still connect with them being that we were not at church to be able to serve them dinner,” said Knighton.

Pastor Knighton wants other churches to continue to show support to their parishioners.

St. James Baptist Church members pass out gifts to mother's.
St. James Baptist Church members pass out gifts to mother's. (Source: WALB)

"I think I would like to mention, it would be good if other churches can find special ways to continue to connect with their members during this Coronavirus,” said Knighton.

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