Bainbridge restaurant reopens inside seating, adhering to safety precautions

Bainbridge restaurant reopens inside seating, adhering to safety precautions

BAINBRIDGE, Ga. (WALB) - After six weeks of being closed, a restaurant in Bainbridge is on their third day of re-opening inside seating.

In the heart of downtown Bainbridge stands The American Restaurant— which is now back open but under very strict guidelines and sanitation procedures.

The owner for nearly three years, Tyler Thomas said The American was a busy restaurant up until the pandemic hit.

“You know, pretty much instantly, it really got slow,” explained Thomas.

For around six weeks, they switched to takeout and curbside delivery, losing around 70 percent of their sales.

Now, with their doors back open, Thomas said as small business owners, they’re taking things seriously.

Tyler Thomas, Owner, The American
Tyler Thomas, Owner, The American (Source: WALB)

“We’re not going to just willy nilly open up and do things that are going to put people at risk. It actually behooves us to be even safer and take more precaution,” said Thomas.

He said staff is cleaning throughout the day to make sure everything is as clean as possible.

“We’re wearing masks, we’re wearing single-use gloves that we change every time that we touch a dish, run food, touch anything in the restaurant. We take them off wash our hands, use sanitizer, and put new gloves on. Anything that someone could’ve touched with their hands, we’re going around and hitting those surfaces 4 times a day before and after each service,” said Thomas.

They’re also using disposable and online menus, roll-ups instead of pre-set linens, and spacing tables out between 8 and 10 feet.

He told us 99 percent of their customers have been overwhelmingly supportive of their re-opening, and they’re content with their decision.

“We’re very thankful for Bainbridge and the surrounding communities. I think sometimes it’s easy to say people are choosing profits over people, but really, it is about people because they also want somewhere to come back to work,” said Thomas.

Thomas says he wants to provide a sanitary and safe environment for their customers who are ready to get out, enjoy a nice meal, and have a good time.

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