1 confirmed COVID-19 case in Sylvester Police Department

1 confirmed COVID-19 case in Sylvester Police Department

SYLVESTER, Ga. (WALB) - One case of COVID-19 has been confirmed at the Sylvester Police Department, according to Police Chief Shawn Urquhart.

Urquhart said the employee is doing OK and was a little weak and started to have shortness of breath and is in the hospital.

The chief said the employee is doing a lot better this morning and spoke with him Wednesday morning.

“A prayer line going for this officer, we just want everybody to be safe, not just him but anybody that’s been hit by COVID-19,” said Urquhart.

It is not known how the employee contracted the virus.

Urguhart said everyone who came in contact with the officer has been tested, but there are no results in yet.

If tests come back positive and they have symptoms, Urquhart said they will try to get them to the hospital if not self-quarantine.

She said new measures are in place to keep everyone safe at the department.

“Instead of the officers coming in to clock in they’re actually doing it on their phones. We have an app where they had to download the app so they don’t come into the department and everybody is still practicing social distancing," explained Urguhart.

This is a precaution they are taking to stop the spread and keep within social distancing guidelines.

Everyone is practicing social distancing, Urquhart said.

If they do come into the building, they have masks and gloves on and the building is sanitized throughout the day.

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