Albany family makes music video to help prevent COVID-19 spread

Family makes COVID-19 music video

ALBANY, Ga. (WALB) - The McCrary family created a song urging everyone to stay home, and won a contest!

Leonard McCrary wanted his family to have some fun so he entered them into the City of Albany’s Shelter-In-Place Community Video Contest.

He was thrilled to find out they won.

“It is an amazing feeling to know that something you thought of that you put to paper and you made it come to life," said Leonard McCrary.

In the video, you can see McCrary’s children singing and rapping.

Trent McCrary said making this music video was important to him because the grandfather of one of his close friends passed away from COVID-19.

He wants to make sure everyone does their part to stop the spread.

“Just encouraging people to stay home and prevent the spread. It really just helps me feel more at ease with myself," said Trent McCrary.

Trinity McCrary said it feels so good hearing people are watching and singing along, and not just from Southwest Georgia.

“I just feel very proud of myself that other people are wanting to watch my video," said Trinity McCrary.

Jayla McCrary said she is proud of herself because people are seeing how important it is to stay home in a fun and entertaining way.

“I felt proud of myself for making this video it is because I get to spread the message of staying home for COVID-19 so everyone can prevent COVID-19," said Jayla McCrary.

The McCrary family said they hope people will continue to watch and share their video.

“Hopefully it is something that can bring some joy to somebody during this time or maybe inform them or educate them. Especially the kids," said Leonard McCrary.

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