Tifton mayor addresses concerns of the coronavirus in the community

Tifton mayor addresses concerns of the coronavirus in the community
Mayor Smith addresses concerns of Coronavirus in the community. (Source: WALB)

TIFTON, Ga. (WALB) - Mayor Julie Smith is asking people to please be prudent and cautious during this time as the city abides by Gov. Brian Kemp’s orders.

“Really again for us in Tifton, nothing has changed. Tifton, you have done such a good job of listening, of understanding, of making us aware of concerns that you have and that is why it is so important for us to be able to come to you and hopefully provide you with the latest information that we have," said Mayor Smith.

The Mayor of Tifton and other city leaders took to Facebook to address the concerns of people in the community regarding ways to stay safe during the coronavirus pandemic.

Mayor Julie Smith addresses concerns on Facebook
Mayor Julie Smith addresses concerns on Facebook (Source: WALB)

“Several of you are posting that businesses, and I am not going to mention business names, are maybe not following guidelines. I do know that our city manager and our police chief has visited every big box store with a copy of information, such as what they need to do and many of them are doing very well,” said Smith.

Mayor Smith is urging people to remain cautious and be on alert during essential travel.

“I would encourage you, if you are in those stores and you don’t see that they are doing that, ask for a manager, ask for someone in the customer service department and say, 'Hey, I am here, I am shopping, I am supporting you. Would you please follow the guidelines that have been set in place by the governor,” said Smith.

Mayor Smith is asking all businesses to please cooperate with all CDC guidelines and the Governor’s orders.

“So, we understand your concerns and I am thoroughly convinced that when this is over, this town is going to rebound like nobody business. So please hang in there because we want you to be healthy, we understand the financial implications, but the health implications are way more serious," said Smith.

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