Tift Regional take precautions to stop the coronavirus spread

Tift Regional Hospital Takes Precaution To Stop The Coronavirus Spread

TIFTON, Ga. (WALB) -Hundreds have tested positive for the coronavirus and now Tift Regional Medical Center is taking the necessary precautions to slow down the spread.

“We are currently in disaster mode, as of April we have tested 439 patients, 56 are awaiting results and 318 have had negative results so far," said Dr. Kaine Brown.

Sixty-five patients have tested positive for COVID-19, 18 patients are being housed at the hospital and the others are recovering at home.

“At this time, we have only one floor that is currently listed as a respiratory care unit. We have adequate PPE at our organization, our providers are being trained by a trained observer prior to donning and doffing. Donning and doffing is putting on and taking off the personal protective equipment,” said Brown.

With three deaths due to the virus, the hospital is taking drastic measures to keep everyone safe. But, they are faced with many challenges.

“The acuity of these patients is very high, the needs of these patients in particular when critically ill are very high and they require a large amount of attention from our staff and we are happy to provide that attention but it is a challenge," said Brown.

Dr. Brown told us that not only has it been a challenge for COVID-19 patients, non-COVID-19 patients need medical attention as well.

“Patients that are COVID positive all of which require a large amount of resources have problems that seem to be going well, critically ill but seem to be stable. And then the next moment, be very unstable,” said Brown.

Dr. Brown said Tift Regional employees are holding up well, there is a snack cart that goes around to help with the morale of the staff.

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