Preparing for college during the COVID-19 pandemic

Preparing for college during the COVID-19 pandemic

ALBANY, Ga. (WALB) - With Georgia public schools closed for the rest of the year, high school seniors and juniors may be wondering how to prepare for college.

All Roads Education
All Roads Education (Source: clear)

Shawn Hall with All Roads Education recommends going to the College Board website so you can see the changes made because of COVID-19.

Some colleges and universities are accepting students without ACT or SAT scores so be sure to also check the website of the school your child plans to attend.

But what about the advanced placement or AP exams for college credits?

“The advice that I would give is going to that same webpage [] because they also administer the AP exam and from my understanding, students will be able to take the AP exam from home for the first time,” Hall said.

Hall also says to remember to take some time while you’re at home to apply for scholarships.

She also offers virtual advice for students and parents.

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