Tips to taking care of your mental health as quarantines continue

Tips to taking care of your mental health as quarantines continue

ALBANY, Ga. (WALB) - Taking care of your mental health is extremely important right now.

Especially since many are dealing with the loss of normalcy and in some cases, the loss of loved ones.

Many of us have been staying at home for the past couple of weeks, and it may continue for weeks, even months.

If the thought of that makes you sad or anxious, health experts said that’s okay and actually it’s normal.

“People are feeling more anxious, more worried, and listen as a psychiatrist, these are normal human emotions. So we need to make sure people feel comfortable expressing these emotions and having these emotions,” Dr. Patrice Harris, American Medical Association president, said.

American Medical Association President, Dr. Patrice Harris.
American Medical Association President, Dr. Patrice Harris. (Source: WALB)

Harris said after you accept these new emotions, the next step is figuring out what you’ll do with this fear and this worry.

“People can meditate or pray, whatever brings them a sense of calm," Harris said. "Check on a neighbor, you know, doing things for others makes us feel better.”

You should also develop and keep a new routine, something especially important for parents and kids learning to live, work and learn at home.

“You know, there’s also some grieving. High school students may miss their graduation, college students. All of these traditions and rituals we have. So it’s about self-care, feeling your feeling, and knowing we can get through this,” said Harris.

Harris said when talking to your kids, it’s important not to give a feeling to your kid. Don’t ask questions, starting with phrases like, ‘I know you’re feeling scared,’ because, she said they very well might not be.

“Just open-ended questions, ‘How are you feeling? You know you can talk to me.’ Then of course, develop those new routines. Tell children you know we are having a rough time here, but there are smart people who are helping.”

Harris said if you are feeling extremely depressed or anxious to reach out to your doctor right away, reminding people of the importance of mental health right now.

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