Alzheimer’s Association offers free virtual classes

Alzheimer’s Association offers free virtual classes

ALBANY, Ga. (WALB) - While many people are practicing social distancing at home, the Alzheimer’s Association recommends using educational programs online to help aid their loved ones.

“Right now, during this very difficult time, we are all in this together as we go through this pandemic. The Alzheimer’s Association wants everyone to know that we are still very much here for the folks who are dealing with Alzheimer’s as well as their caregivers and loved ones," said Program Director Buffy Hankinson.

While the Covid-19 pandemic threatens the health of millions in this country, Hankinson is urging people to use their online virtual programs.

“The Alzheimer’s Association is offering virtual support groups as well as education classes online for those that may want to take this time to learn a little bit more, need access to resources or just come together in a support group," said Hankinson.

The goal of the classes is for families and their caregivers to understand what to expect and prepare for when it comes to those who have been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and dementia.

“So, how you can communicate with your loved one who may be suffering from dementia because it is a different way of communicating and these will give you some great tips as well as some coping mechanism while we get through this critical time," said Hankinson.

Hankinson said it is simple to register and easy to use but she wants people to understand the importance of the program.

“People with Alzheimer’s or other types of dementia are not able to communicate with you if they do feel sick, if they do feel like they have a fever or something is going on. And so it is important now more than ever that we know how to communicate and we read those signs so we can keep our loves safe," said Hankinson.

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