‘You are in control’: Ga. attorney general warns against COVID-19 scams

‘You are in control’: Ga. attorney general warns against COVID-19 scams

ALBANY, Ga. (WALB) - While COVID-19 is looking to impact your health, scammers are looking to impact your wallet.

Georgia’s Attorney General Chris Carr said scammers are trying to take advantage of you during this crisis.

Carr said there are a few COVID-19 scams going around now.

One of those scams is trying to sell “cures” for COVID-19.

At this point, there is no known cure for the coronavirus.

Scammers are also texting potential victims, telling them their coronavirus relief money is available.

“Be very, very careful when you get a text or an email or a phone call or a knock at your door that you didn’t ask for. If you didn’t ask for a product, if you didn’t ask to get information, be very, very careful. You are in control of your transaction,” explained Carr.

Carr said you can always click out of the email or shut the door to avoid being scammed.

He said, if you’re interested in that product or service, fact check it and do your own research into it.

“Best thing you can do right now is arm yourself with the right information, go to sources that you know are accurate," Carr insisted.

Carr said that Georgia is fighting back.

“So we’re trying to get the information out when we identify a scam and then put the information out there to basically knock down the rumors and knock the scams down, but on the flip side, we’re also working with our law enforcement partners to make sure the folks are held accountable because it will not be tolerated in the state,” said Carr.

Carr said they have seen an uptick in scams since COVID-19 hit Georgia.

However, Carr said it’s happening around the nation.

You can report scams to Carr’s office by clicking here.

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