State Representative speaks on COVID-19 impact

State Representative speaks on COVID-19 impact

THOMASVILLE, Ga. (WALB) - One state representative is urging Georgians to seriously take precautions to protect their families from COVID-19.

She is setting an example for the public during this crisis.

“I think there was no way to truly be prepared for the magnitude of this pandemic,” said Darlene Taylor, District 173 Representative.

That district covers Thomas, Grady and Decatur counties.

She said we all need to do our part to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus.

“Do what they see. You cannot turn on the TV without hearing something about it or surf the internet without finding something to protect yourself and your family," said Rep. Taylor.

Representative Darlene Taylor, District 173
Representative Darlene Taylor, District 173 (Source: Darlene Taylor)

She said it was important for her to set an example.

“Once I found out that a Senator had been positive and has been at the capitol, actually with symptoms, I wanted to make sure I kept the public safe and that I did the things that we’re asking our public to do,” said Rep. Taylor.

She told us she stayed isolated in her house for 14 days as to not put the public, or her employees at risk.

“I have no symptoms, I have not had any symptoms. I felt like it was very important that leaders of the community show that they’re abiding by the rules too,” said Rep. Taylor.

She said it was important for her benefit management company to stay safely open and process health claims.

“For medical doctors, life is going on. They need to pay people, we need to get claims processed and by the same token, our members need to know are they eligible and doctors are calling for verification,” said Rep. Taylor.

She said for hospitals, resources are coming, but there isn’t a hospital that doesn’t have a need.

She told us what the public should continue doing.

“Wash your hands, don’t touch your face, the common sense things that we all know to do, I think that helps protect us. We need to see that it stays that way,” explained Rep. Taylor.

She said she’s working with cities and counties to make sure all bases are covered when protecting everyone from the Coronavirus.

“And then take that extra step to make sure you protect yourself and your family. When we come out of it, we’ll be stronger. We’ll be prepared," said Rep. Taylor.

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