Price gouging hits Georgia during COVID-19 crisis

Price gouging hits Georgia during COVID-19 crisis

ALBANY, Ga. (WALB) - Price gouging is now a big concern for Georgia leaders as COVID-19 is in full swing across the country.

"Unfortunately we’re seeing folks that wanna take advantage of people. You know, we’ve seen small bottles of hand sanitizer that usually would go for a couple of dollars that people are selling for 10, 20, you know, $30,” said Chris Carr, the attorney general for Georgia.

Georgia Attorney General Chris Carr
Georgia Attorney General Chris Carr (Source: walb)

When Governor Brian Kemp declared a public health emergency for the state, price gouging laws kicked in.

"We’ve received about 230 complaints of price gouging. Usually, we will see food and water, fuel, hotel rooms, but this is a little bit different, this is a health care crisis,” explained Carr.

Carr said that right now people are price gouging in four categories, food, water, hand sanitizer and toilet paper along with medical supplies.

“We’re seeing it across the board, we’re seeing it in a number of different areas. It can be individuals, it can be online. We’re gonna hold them accountable and if you are found guilty of price gouging in the state of Georgia it is a two to $15,000 fine for each and every time you do it," said Carr.

Carr said all reported cases will be investigated.

“Also, take a picture if you have a receipt or if there’s a price tag, take a picture. If there’s a sign that’s advertisement for it, all that can help us. You can send it to us but be careful but always just remember, it’s the same thing with scams, you’re in charge of the transaction, be careful, you don’t have to pay those types of prices,“ explained Carr.

If you would like to report price gouging, you can file a complaint by clicking here.

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