Family receives citation from APD while pouring praise into the community

Family receives citation from APD while pouring praise into the community

ALBANY, Ga. (WALB) - During this Pandemic one, Southwest Georgia family decided to turn to their faith and pour it out into the community. In return this act caused them to receive a citation from the Albany Police Department.

Pearlie Dawson is a minister.

“We are in the comfort of our own home and I feel like my legal right was violated today because we are not in no compliance,” Dawson said.

She and her family stood out front of their Pearl Avenue home, on their lawn, with a sound system, blaring their praise to the Lord, when things took a turn.

“The church has always been a part of our home setting. So, we were just our praising the Lord in songs and scripts. And we have an officer come,” Dawson told WALB News 10.

An Albany Police officer approached the home giving Dawson and her family a citation for noise nuisance. According to APD, they received complaints about the noise. Dawson was warned yesterday about the same issue.

Dougherty County is currently under an ordinance of shelter-in-place, meaning no more than 10 people could gather in a location or business. They are also required to have a 6 feet distances in between themselves.

Due to the rapid spread of the COVID-19 virus.

Dawson said it was less than 10 of them and she doesn’t know why she was given the citation.

“We were in our home not bothering anybody. We have had neighbors from left to right in front of us and behind us who have been blessed by what we have been doing,” Dawson expressed to WALB News 10.

Cristy Woodall is one of their neighbors and attends the services after leaving the doctor’s office.

“I came up I knew that they were having prayer and I was trying to get everything in the house so I wouldn’t miss prayer because we had it Sunday,” Woodall said.

Dawson said she feels as if she was violated because she has witnessed violations in her neighborhood before.

“We have people in this community right here who have had large gatherings, that’s even during the coronavirus. I know with at least 20 people or more, but nobody is citing them,” Dawson said.

Dawson said she will not allow this to break her spirit and her faith.

“I will not shut down for God. He has called me to be a Prophet in the land in this hour and I will comply to the rules. But the thing about it is, they need to know the rules themselves and conduct themselves in a professional manner,” Dawson told WALB News 10.

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