Thomasville not declaring State of Emergency

Thomasville not declaring State of Emergency

THOMASVILLE, Ga. (WALB) - Thomasville city leaders set up an emergency management plan Tuesday night in reference to the coronavirus pandemic.

However, they are not enacting the emergency plan yet. The city said it wants its residents to deal with the health crisis themselves.

Mayor Greg Hobbs said they want to help guide the community during this crisis at an emergency called meeting to discuss the coronavirus Tuesday.

Thomasville Mayor Greg Hobbs
Thomasville Mayor Greg Hobbs (Source: WALB)

"As elected officials, is to get the facts out to the citizens and give them the correct information as we know it,” said Hobbs.

City leaders voted to update their emergency management plan. They also discussed a local state of emergency. But decided not to declare it, like other cities in Southwest Georgia.

“The reason that we haven’t, I feel like we give our citizens opportunity to follow recommendations,” explained Hobbs.

Hobbs commends the city of Thomasville staff ahead of whatever this pandemic may bring to the area.

“The City of Thomasville staff has always done a good job with doing whatever’s necessary to keep our city clean, safe and the council has always supported that. And I don’t feel no different today that we wouldn’t be able to do that,” said Hobbs.

Hobbs says this is a tough time for the city.

“All we can do is hope and pray that it don’t get no worse than what it already is today for us, around the country and especially in Thomasville. All we can do is take one day at a time,” said Hobbs.

A reading for the second ordinance of the emergency plan will be Wednesday night at 7 p.m.

The city encourages the public to watch the live-stream of those meetings on its website.

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