Ga. representatives react to the coronavirus

Ga. representatives react to the coronavirus

ALBANY, Ga. (WALB) - Two Georgia Representatives are reacting to how the coronavirus is impacting the state House.

Rep. Clay Pirkle said the virus is impacting not only how he carries himself in his daily life, but also during the current legislative session.

Pirkle said he is fortunate to be a farmer and like many others, will carry on and do the best with what he has.

He said Congress added aid to rural hospitals in this year’s budget.

Rep. Clay Pirkle is also a farmer.
Rep. Clay Pirkle is also a farmer.

“We did add additional monies. Seem like there was $5 million additional we added in the 2020 budget for the rural hospital stabilization grants to help struggling, rural hospitals to stay afloat. So we added, I think the number is 5 million in 2020 and 10 million in fiscal year 2021 to address some concerns we had regarding the viability of some of these small hospitals and this crisis is not going to make that any better,” said Pirkle.

Pirkle said when Congress is back in session, they will learn a lot more about how the virus has impacted the state’s economy and resources.

He also applauded Gov. Brian Kemp’s work and all of the state’s healthcare workers dealing with the ongoing coronavirus crisis.

State House Rep. Bill Yearta, also a Sylvester business owner, said the COVID-19 outbreak is impacting his business and the current legislative session of Congress.

“You know, I certainly want to applaud our healthcare workers. They are doing a wonderful job. Our hospitals, Phoebe, and others. They are doing a great job in combating this virus. We’ve been particularly hit hard here in Southwest Georgia. I am, like others, concerned about small businesses and the effects this is having on the economy. I am a small business owner myself, and we’ve got to look for innovative ways to continue to do business, while keeping safe,” said Yearta.

State House Rep. Bill Yearta said “we’re gonna work real hard to get our message out."
State House Rep. Bill Yearta said “we’re gonna work real hard to get our message out." (Source: walb)

Yearta also applauded Kemp for the steps he is taking on implementing restrictions to keep Georgians safe.

Yearta said he looks forward to the day all Georgians can get past the coronavirus, but encourages everyone to stay safe.

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