‘Hang in there with us Tifton’: City leaders issue shelter-in-place order, curfew

County issues emergency order Tuesday

‘Hang in there with us Tifton’: City leaders issue shelter-in-place order, curfew

UPDATE: On Tuesday, Tift County issued an emergency order for a voluntary shelter-in-place for the whole county, including Tifton, Ty Ty and Omega.

The order goes into effect at noon Tuesday, and lasts until midnight on April 6, unless otherwise rescinded or continued.

Read the full order below:

TIFTON, Ga. (WALB) - The City of Tifton has issued a shelter-in-place, which goes into effect Tuesday morning. The city has also issued a curfew.

The curfew is from 8 p.m. to 5 a.m. the following morning. City officials said the curfew does not apply to essential businesses and traveling to and from work.

City officials said the shelter-in-place order does not confine residents to their home as the lockdowns in Italy and China have done, but it directs residents to stay home unless participating in essential activities.

Officials said essential activities include grocery shopping, working, healthcare, caring for others, among others.

Mayor Julie Smith addressed the ordinance further during a Facebook Live meeting Monday afternoon.

“Think about what is essential to your day. Do you have to go buy a dress today? Do you have to go to that boutique shop? Do you have to go antique shopping? Probably not. That’s the type of thing we’re talking about. We realize this is going to hit you hard in the pocketbook, Tifton, we get that. What we’re trying to do is stop the spread of this virus,” said Smith.

Smith encourages people to shop and order from your favorite local shops and restaurants by phone and online.

“Hang in there with us Tifton. We will get through this but it’s going to be months if not years before we recover from the financial implications of this. This is worse than any hurricane. This is worse than anything that we’ve seen and we’re trying to conduct ourselves in a manner that will allow you to be as safe as possible and for our state and our region and our town to recover as quickly as possible,” Smith said.

To learn more about the shelter-in-place order:

To read the full ordinance, view below:

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