Tony’s Gym amps up sanitation

Making sure they’re keeping members safe during Pandemic

Tony’s Gym amps up sanitation

ALBANY, Ga. (WALB) - The gym is viewed as a place of escape.

An oasis to many, but in times like these, it’s viewed as a potential home for the Coronavirus.

But at Tony’s Gym, they’re doing whatever it takes to protect their customers and staff.

“A lot of people like to joke like, oh you’re trying to kill the Corona," said Tony’s Gym employee Mercedes Beler. "But, we try to deter them from thinking like that. Even If the Coronavirus wasn’t such a big thing, we would still be as cleanly as we are at Tony’s Gym.”

With the recent outbreak, many gym’s have seen a decline in their day-to-day visitors.

But with extra precautions being taken, Tony’s is working to keep their customers safe and coming.

“We’re still going to be open;" said Beler, "we’re not shutting down for any reason like that. We’re just gunna kind of bump up the sanitization. To make them comfortable in such a high-risk area like the gym.”

Sanitation buckets and around the clock cleaning, are just some of the methods that Tony’s Gym believes will help them fight back the Coronavirus.

“We’ve actually put out a few more sanitation stations and some wipes so you can just grab and go,” said Beler.

For everyday gym goers, this is a place they feel they can break away from the stress and feel safe. But they are being asked to keep spacing apart from other gym goers.

And are making sure they do their part in keeping it clean.

“Gotta do something to get your mind off of it, said GSW baseball player Jared Donalson. "Watching where you put your hands. The gym’s just a good place to get away, after everything that’s been going on. Nothing really new just being precautions.”

Hoping these steps and precautions, will keep Tony’s a safe and stress-free zone.

“We have to let them know," said Beler, "you’re safe in here and you’re not going to catch anything.”

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