Westwood Lady Wildcats continue the dynasty

Lady Wildcats capture third straight Basketball state title

Westwood Lady Wildcats continue the dynasty
Westwood Lady Wildcats continue the dynasty (Source: WALB)

ALBANY, Ga. (WALB) - The triple crown, the 3-peat, the dynasty.

It can go by many names.

But the Westwood Girls Basketball team just calls it, another successful season.

“I’m very excited,” said Westwood Girls head Basketball coach Derrick Harris Sr. “I tell you, they’ve done a heck of a job this whole season. A lot of people counted us out. But we was able to stand the challenge.”

No matter how stacked a team may be, the road to a state title is never easy.

And for the Lady Wildcats, they proved the doubters, wrong once again.

“Yeah we lost seven seniors last year and I told the girls,” said Harris, “I said, listen we gunna take it one game at a time. They bought into the system. They done what I asked them to do. Like I said, we done a heck of a job.”

For these seniors, winning a state title gives them a chance to leave the court on top.

Something they’ll always remember and cherish.

“The last one is definitely the best feeling one,” said Senior Caitlin Foister. “I played throughout the whole season and played really hard and tried my best to get to where we were, and it all paid off.”

For the younger Wildcats, this was a great chance for them to learn from some of the best.

A chance to prove they can lead the way.

“Just the fact that we have had like such a great history of state championships,” said Freshman Sarah Sheffield, “it’s like very much like pressured that next year we’re supposed to win.”

Of course, leaving a dynasty behind will leave a lot of doubt about next year’s team.

But once again, the Wildcats are up for the challenge.

“I think it’s going to be harder because last year everybody thought that we couldn’t do it this year because we lost the 7 seniors,” said Senior Brianna Thompson. “Everybody thought that we couldn’t do it. I pretty much think they going to think the same thing about them. The only thing that these two have to do is work hard.”

So only time will tell if the Wildcats will keep the tradition alive.

But for now, they’re going to celebrate their state title.

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