'Just keep praying for him’: Community, family member of motorcyclist react after highway crash

Community, family member of motorcyclist react after highway crash

WORTH, Co. (WALB) - A man is still in critical condition after a crash on Highway 300 at Highway 32 on Thursday.

Family members said the victim’s name is Torrey Poindexter. He was flown to a Macon hospital after a two-vehicle crash between his motorcycle and a Dodge truck.

Poindexter’s sister, Tameka Richardson, said she drove from Columbus, Georgia to be with her brother as soon as she got the news.

Richardson said Poindexter’s right lung partially collapsed, his left arm is broken, his right elbow popped out out of the socket and he has deep lacerations on his left leg.

“He’s doing good. They just took the breathing tube out of his mouth, he is talking. He has surgery tomorrow (Saturday) for his arm but he is doing good," said Richardson.

Although her brother is still healing from his wounds, Richardson said she thanks God her brother was one of the lucky ones.

“Just keep praying for him and especially for his wife and his strength. We are there to support her in every way," Richardson told WALB News 10.

Pastor Robert Lee Smith is from Ashburn but lives in Oakfield. He said he’s seen so many accidents at the intersection of Highway 300 and Highway 32.

Pastor Robert Lee Smith
Pastor Robert Lee Smith (Source: WALB)

There’s currently a caution light at the intersection but some people are asking the Georgia Department of Transportation to put a traffic light at the busy intersection.

Caution lights at the intersection of Highway 300 and Highway 32
Caution lights at the intersection of Highway 300 and Highway 32 (Source: WALB)

Smith agrees and said his family has been directly impacted.

“In my opinion, instead of them putting that caution light up, they should have taken that money and put a red light up there," suggested Smith. “It needs to be there to save lives. People have gotten killed right there at that intersection. I had a second cousin who was killed right there at that intersection."

Smith said the intersection has always been a problem area for cars because most drivers don’t seem to pay close attention and stop.

“That light really needs to be there because that’s a busy intersection, always. Cars come down 32 and a lot of them won’t stop, they just keep going. They just look one way and not the other and just pull on up out of there,” explained Smith.

Smith said the intersection is so problematic and he tries to avoid it at all costs.

“When I’m leaving home and going towards Albany, before I get there, I always kinda slow down and look because I know how they are. They just pull on out there. I had almost hit two or three cars at that same intersection," said Smith.

According to Georgia State Patrol (GSP), the driver of the truck pulling a camper was heading east on Highway 32.

Troopers said the Adel man pulled out onto Highway 300, in front of Poindexter, who was heading north on Highway 300 on his motorcycle.

The truck driver, who GSP has not identified, was not injured in the crash.

A GSP Specialized Collision Reconstruction Team is investigating the wreck.

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