Moultrie Fire Dept. to inspect 900 fire hydrants

Residents may experience changes in water pressure, discoloration

Moultrie Fire Dept. to inspect 900 fire hydrants
The City of Moultrie will test 900 fire hydrants starting Feb. 24 (Source: The City of Moultrie)

MOULTRIE, Ga. (WALB) - The Moultrie Fire Department will be inspecting fire hydrants starting the week of Feb. 24.

The city said the inspection involves removing all caps and lubricating the threads, as well as flowing water to ensure that each hydrant is working correctly.

The inspections will begin in the northwest area then the southwest, southeast and northeast areas will follow.

City officials said this annual testing is necessary to maintain or improve the community’s Class 3 Insurance Services Office (ISO) Public Protection Classification, and to ensure that hydrants are operating efficiently for fire protection purposes.

Along with maintaining the fire rating, the testing monitors the health of the city’s water system, identifies weak areas in the system, removes materials that settle in the hydrant and cleans out the lines.

Checking each hydrant also improves knowledge of hydrant locations.

The city is asking property owners to clear weeds and brush from blocked hydrants to help with easy access.

The fire code requires at least 36 inches of clear area around the hydrant for proper access, which helps assure the hydrant is visible from the road.

During the inspections, residents might experience temporarily low water pressure or discolored or rusty water.

City officials said the discoloration is not harmful, but it may stain light-colored clothing.

City officials also said if you experience discolored water, run your faucets until you have clean water.

They are also advising residents to not run hot water or do laundry until the water is clear.

If you have questions or notice a hydrant in need of repair, please call the Moultrie Fire Department at (229) 985-1805. If you have questions about the discolored water, please call City of Moultrie Utilities at (229) 668-6000.

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