Puppies illegally dumped outside Bainbridge Humane Society

Puppies illegally dumped outside Bainbridge Humane Society

BAINBRIDGE, Ga. (WALB) - Bainbridge Humane Society needs your help to find the person who illegally dumped seven puppies in their parking lot.

The puppies were dropped off in a crate.

Shelter Director Ashley White said because the crate didn’t have a proper gate, three of the puppies were found loose in the parking lot.

Around 7:30 Monday night, surveillance video showed puppies carelessly dropped off outside the Bainbridge Humane Society.

White said each puppy is around eight to 10-weeks-old — and they were all found emaciated, dehydrated and had mange.

“The appropriate thing to do would’ve been to call animal control or wait until the next day when an employee was here so that they could’ve actually spoken about it, given up more information about where they came from,” White said. "Being able to come in and talk with the shelter staff gives us more information to work with to help them in the ways that they need it.”

White also said knowing if the animals are from Decatur County also helps.

The shelter director said dumping an animal like this is illegal and could be considered cruelty neglect against the owner.

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Anyone with information about the puppies is asked to call Bainbridge Public Safety at (229) 248-2038.

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