Former Leesburg councilman Billy Breeden vying for mayor’s seat

Former Leesburg councilman 1 of 2 candidates vying for mayor’s seat

LEESBURG, Ga. (WALB) - Lifelong Leesburg resident and former councilman Billy Breeden is running for mayor.

Jim Quinn held the position for over a decade.

Quinn stepped down as mayor in order to run for the Georgia Senate District 13 seat, which is now in a runoff election between Quinn and his fellow Republican opponent, Carden Summers.

Next month, voters will head to the polls to elect their new city leader where Breeden is one of two candidates.

The other candidate is Michael Revell.

Breeden is now retired after working at the Flint Equipment Company for many years.

“People ask me what I do, I’m trying to catch up on those 50 years that I worked, trying to get it all caught back up. Do what momma tells me to do,” said Breeden.

Breeden is a husband, father and grandfather. He said he enjoys working on vintage cars and volunteering at his church.

He said he had to resign from the Leesburg City Council as the Post 6 councilman when deciding to run for mayor. He served on the council for seven and a half years and even spent time as the mayor pro-tem.

He said he is very proud of his time and many accomplishments while being on the council.

“The Train Depo, we finally got it going and got it up and running,” said Breeden.

Breeden said he plans to hit the campaign trail hard in March.

“We’ve been putting out signs and haven’t quite started knocking on doors yet but we’ve been putting out and calling people we know and asking them can we put a sign in their yard,” said Breeden.

Bill Breeden campaigning for Leesburg mayoral seat
Bill Breeden campaigning for Leesburg mayoral seat (Source: Billy Breeden)

Breeden said his passion is in recreation but he said he has a few other items he wants to tackle if elected.

“The new soccer field out there, we want to put caution lights out there and crossing roads,” explained Breeden.

He said he also wants to add sidewalks to several parts of the city including some closer to the high school.

“The main thing is probably getting downtown developed,” said Breeden.

We asked Breeden if there was anything else he wanted voters to know.

“No just vote for me [chuckles]," Breeden said.

Early voting will begin March 2, the election will be on March 24.

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