Tifton officials hope to raise awareness on child abuse prevention

Tifton officials hope to raise awareness on child abuse prevention

TIFTON, Ga. (WALB) - The Tift County Child Abuse Council said their main goal is to bring awareness of child abuse prevention.

“The more people that are aware of what is going on in Tift County to help our children and avoid being abused in any way will be best," said President Philberto Hernandez.

Philberto Hernandez, council president
Philberto Hernandez, council president (Source: WALB)

The council met on Tuesday to organize events and discuss ways to prevent child abuse.

Council members said it’s important parents stay alert.

“It is very important, children are vulnerable. We cannot say, ‘well it won’t happen in my home.’ You may not be aware of the children in the neighborhood, your children’s friends may be in trouble. If you are not aware of it, you can’t be a voice,” said Hernandez.

The council encourages families to be involved in their workshops and join the group to help strengthen families. They hope this will make children speak up.

“It is best to be in a committee like this and get in touch with all the extra resources that would help a parent, community member or educator to know how to talk or how to be aware of abuse," Jennifer Porter, a council member, said.

Jennifer Porter, a council member.
Jennifer Porter, a council member. (Source: WALB)

Council members also said many parents may have trouble knowing how to speak to their children. They said coming to their events, like the Pinwheels Ceremony, will help parents learn how to voice their concerns.

“You would not believe how many cases are in Tift County, (but) the numbers are dwindling somewhat. I think it has to do with the awareness. If you come and see, it is an emotional time and it shows that we do have that will show that you do need to come aboard and help us prevent this matter," Kelley Bedore, another council member, said.

Kelly Bedore, a council member
Kelly Bedore, a council member (Source: WALB)

Members of the council encourage you to get involved as much a possible.

The council needs volunteers and wants you to attend their meetings, which are on the third Tuesday of every month. The meetings take place at Tift County Commission on Children and Youth, on North Ridge Avenue in Tifton.

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