Settlement reached in Homerville coffee shop explosion

Settlement reached in Homerville coffee shop explosion

ATLANTA, Ga. (WALB) - The Georgia Public Service Commission and Atlanta Gas Light (AGL) have reached a settlement in a 2018 explosion at the former Homerville Coffee Corner.

Of that amount, AGL will voluntarily contribute $275,000 to the Georgia Pipeline Emergency Responder Initiative. The remaining $72,000 will be voluntarily contributed to the Georgia Rural Water Association. As part of the settlement, the company also admits no wrongdoing or liability.

Read the full settlement below:

AGL released a statement to WALB following the settlement agreement:

“We are pleased we were able to come to a mutually acceptable resolution with the Georgia Public Service Commission on the August 2018 incident in Homerville, Georgia. Safety is our highest priority and this agreement provides opportunities for our company to extend its safety awareness efforts by funding equipment, education and training for local emergency response personnel and water and sewer organizations. Our thoughts remain with those impacted and recovering from this incident.”

Atlanta Gas Light

The explosion happened in August 2018.

Three women who were inside the coffee shop at the time were taken to a Gainesville, Fla. hospital.

The explosion happened when a fiber optic construction crew was digging near the area when they hit natural gas and sewer lines near the Coffee Corner, according to the State Insurance Commission Office.

The explosion was ruled accidental.

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