NWS creates new flood mapping product for Lee Co. creeks

NWS creates new flood mapping product for Lee Co. creeks

LEE CO., Ga. (WALB) - With the click of your mouse, Lee County residents can now visually see if creek flooding will impact them at home.

New maps were specifically created for the Kinchafoonee and Muckalee creeks.

They show areas that are likely to see water during creek flooding.

National Weather Service (NWS) officials worked closely with Lee County EMA to develop the maps.

“These maps provide a visual glance into the flooding that can be expected along these creeks, which can be very powerful. Much more powerful than just explaining in a sentence or two what a flood would look like," said Kelly Godsey, NWS senior service hydrologist and meteorologist.

Godsey said each map took one to two months to create.

The 100-year flood plane is also available on these maps.

Godsey said those inside that plane are required to have flood insurance. He said, however, those outside of it aren’t required.

“We hope people will look at these and see this is a good reminder that you don’t have to be in the flood zone to experience flooding," said Godsey.

Godsey said they used several sources to form the maps, including data from the Georgia Department of Natural Resources and Georgia Department of Transportation. He said this type of mapping is coming to more South Georgia waterways, including the Flint.

“Trying to make sure for each of the areas where we provide a river forecast that we have a visual depiction of what the flood will look like, that sends a much more powerful message when we get into river flood season," said Godsey.

The link to the Kinchafoonee Creek map can be found here.

The link to the Muchalee Creek here can be found here.

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