Albany mayor offers up ideas for Chehaw Park and Zoo

Mayor Dorough has bright ideas for Chehaw Zoo and Park

ALBANY, Ga. (WALB) - Albany Mayor Bo Dorough had his first vote as a Chehaw Authority member Thursday night.

He was part of the authority’s vote to change its resolution to stay nine members instead of 7.

This was the first time Mayor Dorough attended a meeting as a sitting member, however, he said he has been on the authority before.

Albany Mayor Bo Dorough
Albany Mayor Bo Dorough (Source: walb)

In January, Dorough was appointed by the city commission to serve on the park and zoo’s authority.

“I personally would like to see more exhibits open for the community, would like to expand the BMX track and some of the major events we have throughout the year. I see a potential here that could be a regional destination that has been envisioned for generations,” said Dorough.

The Chehaw Park Authority is the governing body for the park and zoo. The nine-person board sets policies and plans.

The authority was created by state law and members are currently appointed by the City of Albany.

Thursday night was a called meeting to specifically vote on the matter of keeping the board’s nine-member authority.

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