Albany resident shocked his neighbor was shot

Albany resident shocked his neighbor was shot
Neighbors in the 600 block of N. Cleveland talk about how quiet the neighborhood normally is.

ALBANY, Ga. (WALB) - Markevus Leslie is from Lagrange, Georgia and moved to Albany three years ago for a better life. However, his typically quiet neighborhood was rocked when his next-door neighbor was shot.

Markevus Leslie
Markevus Leslie

'It was about 10 o’clock that night, I was in bed, watching a little TV, and I just heard a little loud noise, like a big boom sound," described Leslie.

Leslie said he thought the noise was a tree limb falling onto his roof.

However, he didn’t expect it to turn out to be what it was.

"I went to go inspect it but all of a sudden I heard a dude come outside, my next-door neighbor comes outside and he was like, ‘I’ve been shot,’ explained Leslie. “I was kind of upset too because a bullet doesn’t have a name to it.”

According to the Albany Police Department, the shooting happened between 10:45 and 11 Monday night.

Officers said Sean Wooden told them the bullet went through his door and shot him in his genitals.

Bullet holes in a door in the 600 block of N. Cleveland
Bullet holes in a door in the 600 block of N. Cleveland

Wooden was taken to Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital for treatment.

“You hear a lot of gunshots but not too much though. This was the first time I actually saw somebody who has been shot,” said Leslie.

Leslie said with some of the recent shootings happening so close to home, he may consider moving.

“Hopefully, everybody gets this under control. It’s too many kids running around here. I don’t want to move because it is a quiet neighborhood when it needs to be. But if it needs to be, I will up and move,” Leslie told us.

No arrests have been made.

Wooden has been released from the hospital since the incident.

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