Camilla police looking to start neighborhood watch program

Camilla police looking to start neighborhood watch program

CAMILLA, Ga. (WALB) - Officers at the Camilla Police Department are asking the community if they want to create a neighborhood watch program.

The majority of the people WALB News 10 spoke with Monday, like Nancy Thomann, said they’d be interested in a neighborhood watch program.

“It’s just what you should do, you should watch out for your neighbors,” said Thomann.

Camilla police said this is in an effort to ensure the neighborhoods are safe.

Some people told WALB that they wish there was more officer presence in their neighborhoods because they feel unsafe at times.

Thomann and her husband said they frequently sit on their porch. They said it already feels like there’s a neighborhood watch.

“We’ve grown a rapport and we know who belongs here and who doesn’t, what looks out of place and what doesn’t," said Thomann.

Officers said if this program starts, there will be meetings where you can express any of your concerns.

“They understand our issues and our problems and they treat us accordingly,” said Thomann.

Officers said they’ll also provide educational sessions where you can learn personal safety and home security tips to better protect yourself.

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