Cook residents speak on evacuating homes

Residents speak out about evacuating from home

ADEL, Ga. (WALB) - Residents in Cook County were awakened Sunday morning by fire officials urging them to evacuate their homes.

The Sanderson Farms feed mill near the 3100 Block of J. M. Drive had been under a code red evacuation following a smoldering fire in the mill, which is potentially explosive.

Sandra Folsom just wanted to keep her family safe.

“I guess as things progressed. He started to get more worried and he grabbed my dog. He got my niece and my children out of the house,” said Sandra Folsom.

Sandra Folsom
Sandra Folsom (Source: WALB)

The EMA director Chief West warned people to be careful. Chief West says a special team from Texas is currently investigating the incident.

Officials say it is a voluntary evacuation. However, some residents are afraid they could potentially lose everything.

“I wanted to grab some of the most important things that cannot be replaced,” Folsom said.

Sandra’s niece says when she woke up and had to evacuate her children from her home, she realized how serious this incident would be.

“When I actually grasped the concept, when he woke me up a second time, and said we ‘Were going to be leaving,’ then yes I was more or less shocked. I mean nobody wants to have to leave their home of course,” said Kelli Harnage.

Kelli Harnage
Kelli Harnage (Source: WALB)

EMA officials say that if oxygen gets into the mill the fire, it could explode. However, residents are hoping the fire stays under control.

“We just hope to get back home and get things back together,” said Folsom.

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