Severe Weather Preparedness Week is reminder to prepare, know the threats

Severe Weather Preparedness Week is reminder to prepare, know the threats

ALBANY, Ga. (WALB) - Thunderstorms, tornadoes and flooding, South Georgia is no stranger to any of these.

This week is Georgia’s Severe Weather Preparedness Week and with severe weather likely on Thursday, this week serves as a great reminder of things you need to know.

But South Georgia emergency management officials stress you should prepare for severe weather every day.

“We see a lot of severe weather all year round and different types of severe weather. And so this is just a week for us to be able to put specific focus on different areas that impact us the most,” said Jenna Chang, Dougherty County EMA specialist.

Jenna Chang, Dougherty County EMA specialist
Jenna Chang, Dougherty County EMA specialist (Source: WALB)

Some of those areas include tornadoes, lightning and flooding.

Here are several tips officials want you to know:

  • Prepare
  • Have a NOAA Weather Radio
  • Know the difference between a watch and a warning.
  • Have a plan on where to go if a tornado warning is issued
  • Know to go inside when you hear thunder
  • Copy important documents and protect them from potential floodwaters.

Chang said you need to make sure your current severe weather plan is up to date.

“We need to make sure that the decisions we made two or three years ago are still the things we need for ourselves and our families. And an awareness week like this is a really good time to stop our busy lives and check those things out,” said Chang.

Chang emphasized severe weather events don’t have to be scary.

“It’s really critical for us to help people understand what they can do for themselves and how they can empower themselves and their families to be safe. And to know that if something happens, they know what to do. And that while there might be an emergency, that emergency doesn’t have to be scary,” explained Chang.

For more information on weather preparedness, you can visit Ready Georgia here.

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