Remembering Levi Knop a year later

Levi Knop was killed in a car wreck one year ago, Wednesday

Remembering Levi Knop a year later
Levi Knop's Memorial at Thomasville's baseball field

THOMASVILLE, Ga. (WALB) - On the anniversary of Levi Knop’s death, his teammates took time to remember what they loved most about their brother in baseball.

Thomasville High Teen Levi Knop who was killed in a fatal crash.
Thomasville High Teen Levi Knop who was killed in a fatal crash. (Source: WALB)

A year ago on Wednesday, Levi Knop was killed in a car wreck.

The other driver involved in the accident, Anna McBride, recently pleaded guilty to vehicular homicide and was sentenced to 15 years. Three of those years will be served in prison, and she’ll serve the remaining 12 years on probation.

Anna McBride sentenced to vehicular homicide
Anna McBride sentenced to vehicular homicide (Source: Grady Co. Sheriff's Office)

McBride will also complete 500 hours of community service.

On Wednesday, Knop’s team honored him on the anniversary of his death.

“I always had him to talk to when I wasn’t starting a game. That’s the one thing I really miss, just being able to chat with him and eat after games,” said Jacob Bradshaw, senior pitcher on the team.

And even a year after Levi Knop’s passing, the impact he had on the baseball team has only strengthened.

“Take each day and ‘Live Like Levi,’ to be a rock, to be a support to others and pick them up when they’re down,” said Head Baseball Coach Erik McDougald.

Knop’s teammates remember him as just that.

“During school he was always funny. He was somebody that everybody wanted to be around," said Shortstop Maylon Cochran.

“I remember, I used to play Xbox with him and every night I’d hear Ms. Joy say, ‘Goodnight, love you.’ And I’d always hear him say,'I love you too, mama.' You know, he didn’t care who was around,” said Bradshaw.

Even though Knop will never take the field again, his legacy will continue.

“Every time a person walks into this place now, they’re going to see that memorial. It’s an opportunity for people, even years from now, to ask, ‘Who is that?’ Or, ‘What is he about?’ Or, ‘What happened?’ You have the opportunity to tell the story to someone who has no idea who he was," said McDougald.

At every game you’ll find Knop’s jersey hanging in the dugout and fans scattered throughout the ballpark, wearing 'Be a Levi’ shirts. Serving as a reminder to give each day your all.

“Give it your all, the opportunity that you have because that one day you don’t give it your 100 percent, you can never go back to make up for what you didn’t do on one given day,” said McDougald.

And this baseball season, they are going to ‘Do it for Levi.’

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