Police see decline in Moultrie crime

Police see decline in Moultrie crime

MOULTRIE, Ga. (WALB) - In the past four years, there’s been a significant decrease in crime in Moultrie.

“Blue lights in neighborhoods prevents crime,” said Moultrie Police Deputy Chief Michael Cox.

Moultrie Police Deputy Chief Michael Cox
Moultrie Police Deputy Chief Michael Cox

The steady decrease in crime in Moultrie can be traced back to the level of officer presence throughout the community.

By turning on their blue lights that presence is known.

“While doing that, the criminal element is watching you and they’re less likely to commit crime while law enforcement is in the neighborhood,” said Cox.

In 2016 this became a standard at the Moultrie Police Department.

“We told officers they need to be in the neighborhoods. It’s not all about enforcement, it’s about getting out and being seen,” said Cox.

Since then, Cox said there’s been a 40 percent decrease in property crime and a slight decline in person on person crime, like aggravated assault.

“We also need to focus on where all the citizens are in the neighborhoods because that’s who we serve,” said Cox.

By doing so, Cox believes more people are inclined to report on the crime they see.

“Community members who are concerned about their neighborhoods will come and report different things to us, that has increased,” said Cox.

One area of concern though is gangs.

Next month, police will hold an educational session for the community, showing them how they can detect signs of gangs and gang violence in the city.

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