GSP: Phones, road rage major factors in car accidents

GSP: Phones, road rage major factors in car accidents

TIFTON, Ga. (WALB) - Georgia State Patrol (GSP) troopers said drivers need to slow down and put away the distractions when driving.

This comes after a crash that killed a Florida woman in Tifton off of I-75 Wednesday morning.

GSP Trooper Sean York said phones and rushing to get places are the main reasons accidents happen in Southwest Georgia.

GSP Trooper Sean York
GSP Trooper Sean York (Source: WALB)

York explained that many drivers are known to be in a hurry nowadays.

This can be a big problem when they are on the roads.

York said planning ahead and putting away distractions like phones, tablets or even adjusting your radio can take your eyes off the road.

“It was really close to me back when I was in high school, a buddy of mine was killed in a car crash. A simple thing, if he had been slowing down or going the speed limit and slowing down, I think he was running late for a doctor’s appointment, he would have been there on time. If they would just slow down and obey the speed limits and put the phones down and don’t be distracted by anything inside or outside the car. Be observant as to what you are doing and watch down the road just simple stuff like that,” said York.

It is illegal in the state of Georgia for drivers to be on their phones while driving. If caught, you could face penalties up to $150 dollars.

Trooper York said that they will continue to be on the highways and look out for any suspicious activity that will lead them to think drivers might be distracted.

Wednesday’s accident is still under investigation.

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