Baker Co. deputies issue a speed warning

Speeding Concerns in Baker County

NEWTON, Ga. (WALB) - Baker County Sheriff’s Deputies are urging drivers to slow down when they pass through.

The speeding is especially bad on Highways 91 and 37, two of the main thoroughfares in the county.

Just recently, they caught someone exceeding 100 miles per hour in a 55 mile per hour zone.

Chief Deputy Charles Griffin said multiple fatalities in the county were a result of car crashes involving speeding.

Charles Griffin, Chief Deputy Baker County Sheriff's Office (source: WALB)
Charles Griffin, Chief Deputy Baker County Sheriff's Office (source: WALB)

Griffin said their deputies write 30 warnings and tickets per month, because of speeding.

He says if the risk of getting a ticket isn’t enough, think about your family.

“It doesn’t matter how fast you go on the way there, if you never get there. It could cost you injury, life, money. I mean it’s just not worth it. Leave 10-15 minutes earlier, or you know, have a good excuse for being late," said Griffin.

The chief deputy said speeding is even more dangerous at night, with low visibility and wildlife frequently crossing the highway.

They ask that you slow down and keep your eyes on the road.

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