‘This guy died for his dream’: Dougherty Co. students honor the history made by MLK

Students give thoughts on MLK at ceremony

ALBANY, Ga. (WALB) - Young minds spoke out on Monday on why it’s important to remember Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Song, dance and poetry readings could be heard at the South Georgia Regional Achievement Center Monday.

The “Let Freedom Ring” program hosted around 40 performers, all of them were either current or former students of the Doughtery County School System.

However, a drawing also captured the hearts and minds of the crowd.

Yaz Johnson II is the teenage artist of a drawing of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. on display during the ceremony.

Yaz Johnson II
Yaz Johnson II (Source: walb)

“It took me about two days to actually draw it. It took me a few hours to actually get certain details,” said Johnson. “Because without Dr. King’s powerful messages throughout the United States, we wouldn’t have as much as we have today.”

"To my point of view, I feel like he was the one that died for us,” said student Alexis Martin. “I feel like they think of him as a great leader that tried to help other black, African-Americans and not just African-Americans but other races too. He’s somebody good to look up to. He did a lot.”

Alexis Martin (left) and Celease Hodge (right)
Alexis Martin (left) and Celease Hodge (right) (Source: walb)

“He inspires people basically,” said Celease Hodge.

“He inspires me to do my dream. I was sitting at home thinking, ‘Like, this guy died for his dream.’ So he had a dream and he went and got his dream,” said De’Varcio Henderson, who was a motivational speaker at the event.

De’Varcio Henderson
De’Varcio Henderson (Source: walb)

This was the first time the event was held and organizers hope to do it again next year.

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