Albany family shaken by Saturday homicide

Dougherty Co. neighbor talks bout relocating after homicide

ALBANY, (WALB) - Maleeshia McDonald moved into her neighborhood seven months ago and for the first time, she is wondering if she made the right decision for her family.

“Me and my daughter we were outside before everything happened; that why I was like ‘it happened so fast,’” McDonald told us.

Dougherty County Police were dispatched to a home in the 200 block of Pine Bluff Road and East Park Road Saturday evening.

“Nothing has ever happened like this over here. But it’s like ‘do I stay? or do I move?’ I don’t know,” McDonald said.

Dougherty County Corner Micheal Fowler confirmed that 34-year old Thomas Isaiah Harrold was pronounced dead at the scene from a possible gunshot wound.

McDonald told WALB she had just come inside and was in her home relaxing when she received the devastating news.

“I was in the house on my phone, laying in the bed. Someone posted that a body had been found. I came outside and looked down the road and it was ambulances and polices everywhere," McDonald said.

Maleeshia McDonald talks about Saturday night homicide
Maleeshia McDonald talks about Saturday night homicide (Source: WALB)

At that moment her curiosity drove her to get out of her bed and see all the chaos, just feet away from her doorstep.

“I was shocked like I didn’t know what happen, I wanted to go down there and be noisy, but I didn’t have on any shoes,” she said.

Neighbors told us that the area is normally quiet, and the only thing that bothers them is a few fast cars driving by.

“You just see cars coming down the road. You see a couple of animals walking up and down the road, a couple of people. other than that, it is a quiet neighborhood,” McDonald said.

Crime scene from Albany homicide off E. Park Ct
Crime scene from Albany homicide off E. Park Ct (Source: WALB)

The GBI and Dougherty County Police were on the scene, looking for a possible suspect.

McDonald said that bad things happen all the time, but it’s different when it is so close to home.

“Crazy stuff is happening every day, but this is so close. Just be safe,” she told WALB News 10.

This is an open investigation with Dougherty County Police and GBI investigators.

Dougherty County Corner Micheal Fowler said an autopsy will be performed on Harrold’s body Tuesday to determine his exact cause of death.

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