Sylvester Police: Entering auto reports down in Sylvester

Sylvester Police: Entering auto reports down in Sylvester

SYLVESTER, Ga. (WALB) -Sylvester police say they have seen a decrease in entering autos reports.

Sgt. Lenny Davis with the Sylvester Police Department says one of the reasons for the decrease is because some of the repeat offenders are still behind bars.

“But the biggest thing is some of them are currently in jail and people are now locking their doors," said Sgt. Davis.

He’s referring to offenders from a spree of over 20 entering auto reports Sylvester police investigated in July.

Six months later, the reports have decreased and those cases have all been closed.

Sgt. Lenny Davis
Sgt. Lenny Davis (Source: walb)

“It’s because people started being proactive and they’re starting to listen and we’re being proactive a lot. We’re keeping close eyes on individuals that are doing these things."

He said the most recent case this month was at a business.

He said in 2020, there has been only one reported.

He said most cases are from vehicle doors being unlocked.

"They need to lock their vehicles. We like to feel that we’re protected but people still leave the keys in the cars and they need to lock their cars no matter even if it’s in the carports.”

Sgt. Davis wants people to continue to lock their doors and be vigilant and if you see something, say something.

Police said do not keep valuables in your vehicle.

He said if you choose to keep them in your vehicle, put them in your trunk.

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