Cordele police target youth to end gun violence

Cordele police target youth to end gun violence

CORDELE, Ga. (WALB) - Law enforcement agencies in Crisp County are finding ways to combat guns on the streets. The improper use of guns has left people in jail and others in the grave.

We spoke to Cordele Police and got details on their strategic plan to eliminate the number of gun violence cases.

Their plan is simple. They plan to invest in children and make sure they know the proper rules and regulations to end the cycle of gun violence.

With Tuesday’s shooting that ended the life of one Cordele man, law enforcement said their plan is to educate young people on how to be better and know the many consequences that come behind the use and misuse of guns.

They hope to make a difference that could impact their lives and end gun violence.

“Presences in the schools and communicating with the juveniles. Education is the biggest thing. There are different programs that are currently in place, that the sheriff’s office does, which is essentially law enforcement talking to children about drugs and guns and getting access to a gun," Cpt. Andrew Roufs said.

Cpt. Roufs said with these teachings, they’re aiming to educate the youth on how to be successful and functional adults in society, limiting the number of shootings and homicides.

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