Sylvester welcomes 2 new council members

Sylvester welcomes 2 new council members

SYLVESTER, Ga. (WALB) - The City of Sylvester has welcomed two new faces to their council meetings.

The newest council members are Isaac Jackson, Jr. who represents Ward 2, and Walter Dupree, who is the Ward 1 representative.

“New faces bring new changes, young minds bring young ideas," Jackson said. “I think me and him being the younger guys that’s coming into council, it’s going to bring some good ideas to the City of Sylvester."

Some of their ideas include developing ways to bring more housing and jobs to the area.

Walter Dupree, Ward 1
Walter Dupree, Ward 1 (Source: walb)
Isaac Jackson Jr., Ward 2
Isaac Jackson Jr., Ward 2 (Source: walb)

Neither Jackson or Dupree have held government office before.

They both believe Sylvester’s leadership has been good.

However, they hope to bring change and growth to the city.

“Our biggest problem that I feel like we’re gonna tackle right now is with the Peter Pan, the Conagra facility closing," Dupree said.

“Jobs is one of our big things that I would like to see increase,” said Jackson.

They both believe they bring leadership from their current jobs to city government.

Jackson is currently a restaurant owner in Sylvester who employs around 30 people.

“During the summer program, I employee young high school kids," he said. "Give them an opportunity to know what it is to work.”

Dupree is a lieutenant and juvenile corrections officer in Terrell County.

“When I first got into it, I had no idea of how you handle conflict but taking training, leadership training it teaches you a lot,” Dupree said.

Both Dupree and Jackson said change can also come from within the community.

“If you need me contact me. I’m easy to talk to," Dupree said.

Dupree and Jackson were sworn in as council members last week.

[ If you’d like to contact them, Dupree can be emailed by clicking here and Jackson can be reached by clicking here. ]

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