Apartments, gated communities possible targets for entering autos

Updated: Jan. 15, 2020 at 7:26 AM EST
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ALBANY, Ga. (WALB) - Authorities in Dougherty County say criminals are looking to target apartments and gated communities to break into your cars.

In the four entering autos Dougherty County Police (DCP) responded to Monday, they were all in the same apartment complex.

And all the doors were left unlocked, and Dougherty County Police call these crimes of opportunity.

Sgt. David Flick with Dougherty County Police Department.
Sgt. David Flick with Dougherty County Police Department.(WALB)

They said just because your vehicle may not be in an open neighborhood, they can still be broken into.

Authorities say the cases happened in the 400 block of south Westover Boulevard

Within hours, the thieves got away with shoes, purses and debit cards.

Sgt. David Flick with DCP said no matter where you live, locking your doors and taking your valuables out of your cars will keep you from becoming a victim.

“When they go to these apartment complexes, you’ve got a whole bunch of cars in a row so it’s easier to get in and get out when you’re less likely to be seen. And they can hit multiple cars by checking doors whereas when you’re in a neighborhood there are dogs and things like that that can alert to somebody’s presence being in the area,” said Flick.

He said people who live in neighborhoods are more likely to lock their doors than people in apartment complexes.

But regardless of where you live, he said you should be locking your car doors.

Flick said officers are actively patrolling in these areas, but they are asking neighbors to look out for neighbors and locking your doors.

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