New Albany leadership sworn in

Published: Jan. 14, 2020 at 10:19 AM EST
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ALBANY, Ga. (WALB) - Signed and sworn in — the City of Albany met their new commissioners and mayor Monday night.

The Albany Government Center was packed to witness the newly elected officials take their seats and all of them said they are ready to bring change to Albany.

It’s a new day for the Good Life City.

“Don’t call me after 10 o’clock,” Former Mayor Dorothy Hubbard quipped.

Newly-seated Mayor Bo Dorough, Ward 4 Commissioner Chad Warbington and Ward 6 Commissioner Demetrius Young were already mixing things up Monday night — countering considerations from current commissioners.

The city of Albany met their new commissioners and Mayor Monday night.
The city of Albany met their new commissioners and Mayor Monday night.(WALB)

“The new members of the commission have not had full time to research the qualifications of the particular appointments,” said Young.

Warbington said it was an example of good government.

“This body of seven, we’ve got to figure out how to work together, we’ve got to figure out how to compromise and collaborate,” said Warbington.

Dorough laid out his plans for the city.

“I’m not interested in fighting the battles of the past. I will stand up for what I believe is right, even if I stand alone. I will not remain silent when it is time to speak,” said Dorough.

Young pushed for positivity among Albany residents.

“Now what we must do as a commission as a city, is turn those things back to the community because I think this election has said to us that some people are not getting those positive things,” said Young.

Another city commissioner took on a new role during the ceremony.

Commissioner Jon Howard, Ward 1 commissioner, accepted the role as mayor pro tem.

Elected in 1993, Howard is the longest-serving city commissioner.

Since his time in office, he's fought for the growth and development of Ward 1.

Howard said one thing he wants to do is hold landlords accountable for their properties.

Jon Howard was sworn in for another term as Ward 1 Commissioner.
Jon Howard was sworn in for another term as Ward 1 Commissioner.(WALB)

“Houses that were built back in the early 60s, late 70s, a lot of those houses are not more than just gunshot houses and we need to do a better job of bringing those landlords to court and making them fix their properties,” said Howard.

Howard said he wants to bring more sidewalks, jobs and opportunities to residents in his ward.

He said he hopes his colleagues will work with him to connect East Albany back to the city.

Dorough brought up was his plans for the next city commission meeting to submit a legislative agenda to get an elected tax commissioner. They would monitor property in the county and make sure their owners are paying their fair share.

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