Moultrie sewage spills linked to group of medical facilities

Moultrie sewage spill linked to group of medical facilities

MOULTRIE, Ga. (WALB) - Hundreds of gallons of sewage spilled into wetlands in Moultrie and the debris left behind helped piece together what caused it.

There are several different medical facilities in the 31st Avenue area. The issue is medical supplies weren’t being properly disposed of, which caused a manhole to back up, leading to a sewage spill, according to city officials.

“That’s nursing homes, hospitals, doctor offices, that come into one manhole, one sewer connection on the south, the east part of town,” Peter Dilliard, Moultrie city manager, said.

Dillard said the manhole became blocked, which lead to a spill of about 2,700 gallons of sewage near 31st Avenue on Jan. 2.

“A buildup of cleaning rags, adult diapers, syringe, just various medical materials," Dillard said. "They formed a blockage and caused a spill.”

Dillard said it wasn’t a failure of city equipment or procedures on their end.

“It’s just material that should have been put in a trash can ended up in a sewer,” Dillard said.

While Dillard said the spill wasn’t caused by any sole medical facility, he says one hospital has really stepped up.

“They’re going to put up more signs, they’re going to increase the number in containers, they’ll redouble efforts on training, and if necessary, put in a bar screen, so if all else fails, that stops it right there,” Dillard said.

Dillard said staff at Colquitt Regional Medical Center instantly took steps to make sure the hospital isn’t contributing to any back up of the sewer system, hoping others do the same.

“All of our community participants are very good citizens and whenever there’s an issue, we work together to get it solved,” Dillard said.

Dillard said the city will present a plan to the Environmental Protection Division. They’ll implement steps to make sure no other spills happen in the city.

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