GSP urges caution after recent Thomas Co. car wrecks

GSP urges drivers to be more cautious

OCHLOCKNEE, Ga. (WALB) - Law enforcement officers are urging you to be more cautious while you’re behind the wheel.

This comes after troopers said a horrible accident happened on Highway 19 South in Thomas County. Making it the 16th car wreck to happen at that intersection since the beginning of last year.

Georgia State Patrol Trooper Steven Kornegay said the woman failed to yield at the stop sign. Her car was crushed by an oncoming semi-truck.

Steven Kornegay, Georgia State Patrol trooper (Source: WALB)
Steven Kornegay, Georgia State Patrol trooper (Source: WALB) (Source: WALB)

After assessing the damage, Kornegay said she is extremely lucky to have only minor injuries.

He told us accidents can be avoided if you do just one thing.

“Slow down on everything. Slow down on what you’re looking at. Slow down on what you’re doing. Take an extra second. And definitely leave that cell phone alone," said Kornegay.

Troopers said the driver who was hit by the semi-truck was wearing her seatbelt.

He said that made all the difference in the accident from being far worse.

Of the 2019 wrecks at that intersection, eight of them had injuries.

None of those were fatal.

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