Valdosta officials: Help us decide how to spend grant funds

Valdosta officials: Help us decide how to spend grant funds
Community Development Block Grant (CDGB) (Source: WALB)

VALDOSTA, Ga. (WALB) - The City of Valdosta is asking for help to figure out how to spend thousands in grant money they will get in a few years.

Each year, the city spends money through the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) program on citywide development.

“It will help a lot of people around here in the city," said Eddie Jones, a Valdosta resident, said.

Neighborhood Development Director Vanassa Flucas said that is exactly the goal.

She said this is the time of year when the city figures out what to spend their funds on.

“Affordable housing has always been on the forefront. So housing reconstruction, housing rehab, just trying to keep the affordable housing stock we have available here in Valdosta has always been on the forefront of our community. So I don’t feel as though that will change," said Flucas.

Vanessa Flucas, Valdosta neighborhood development director
Vanessa Flucas, Valdosta neighborhood development director

Jones lives in the area and he’s glad to hear that housing is being addressed.

He said that he sees a lot of abandoned houses and a lot of people in need of low-income options.

“You have a lot of apartments around here that are very high, mostly for college students. I think it would benefit if the city would put more interest in to helping the regular normal people around here," said Jones.

Flucas said that they’re having a meeting to hear from more people like Jones on what else they would like to see done across the community.

“This is a Community Development Block Grant program, so the community needs to be involved in making those decisions. Who would know best what is needed in the community but the community," said Flucas.

If you or anyone you know wants to voice their opinion on the CDBG plan, you can attend the public forum at 5:30 p.m., Tuesday in the Valdosta City Hall Annex Multipurpose Room.

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